Monday, April 4, 2011



X người anh đến
lng thinh
Nhìn mây nhìn gió
t tình nng trưa

Nhìn tri nhìn đt vu vơ
Nhìn mình mình thy l chưa!
ni bun

Năm năm
trên lũng hoa vàng
Sáng, Trưa, Chiu, Ti
vi vàng qua mau

Vùng đt ha
biết bao cu
Cu nào cũng rng
cho đu bc thêm
Bi vì xa l rng thênh
Mà đi mình vn
con kênh đc ngu

(trong tp thơ T Trong Tiếng Gi”)


Yes, this far-away strange domain,
Of my own volition, I silently did attain.
Seeing clouds and winds on cloud nine

Courting one another in the shine,
I looked at the sky and earth around
Without any aim, without any ground.

But I observed myself and was surprised
That in my inmost feelings I realized
A source of sorrow so profound.

Days after days, hours after hours
Over this Valley of Yellow Flowers
Each morning, midday, afternoon, eve
Passes in a hurry causing me to grieve.

In this land of promises it is to bear
There are lots of bridges to well wear;
All of them are so wide to give fright
To my hair to turn more snow-white.

What reason? That one is to contrast
Freeways running smoothly and fast
With my still poor condition of living:
A sluggish canal muddy waters giving.

Translation by THANH-THANH

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